About Us

Welcome to Super Home Pursuits!

We think that a happy life begins at home.

We are thus focused on providing you with our finest advice to enable you to build a house that makes you proud.

Super Home Pursuits may assist you in organizing your living areas to improve your ability to concentrate.

You will only be distracted if you study in a house with clutter, such as dirty shelves or clothing on the floor.

Give your kids areas where order prevails if you want them to be more creative.

Similar to keeping a neat house, maintaining one demands a specific talent to make the most of each of its features.

These mental experiences can help you sharpen your thinking processes and improve your problem-solving skills.

Our Team

James Lambert, Founder and Writer

Repairing and upgrading houses is a hobby that James Lambert is very dedicated to.

Many of our more complex home improvement guides are written by him.

His objective is to do repairs around the house in the most sensible and cheap manner possible.

One of his continuing pastimes is renovating his kitchen at home.

James creates material that aims to inform readers while simultaneously generating very valuable leads for our partners.

James takes care of his hydroponic vegetable garden while not writing.

Paxton Wright, Writer

In 2009, Paxton Wright started writing professionally.

He writes informative articles about gardening and home improvement using his knowledge of building.

Paxton has maintained a career as an in-house copywriter for an online shop in addition to freelancing employment.

Alan Morales, Editor

Alan, our skilled editor, is in charge of directing our content creation.

Every day, Alan makes sure the information is accurate and well-organized before publishing it.

Alan’s extensive experience and methodical approach are extremely beneficial and assist Super Home Pursuits to go above and beyond our goals.

You may find him cleaning the house or working on a do-it-yourself home improvement project when he isn’t spending time with his family.